How to Shoot a Self Portrait

How to Shoot a Self Portrait

Tools You’ll Need:

- DSLR Camera
- Tripod
- A remote shutter (like this one)
- the app EOS Remote (if you have a Canon EOS 6D, 70D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III)
- the app “Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility” for Nikon (step by step set up found at link below)

THE OKAY METHOD (using a remote)

If you don't have a camera capable of connecting to WIFI - you're not out of luck completely. You can purchase a remote which uses infrared to trigger the shutter to release. The only loophole is that your settings have to be perfect for this method to work.

Focus in particular is the most difficult variable to nail, but it’s not impossible. To make it work, I put something to focus on where I’ll be placed in the image. Most recently, this was a tall laundry basket. I focused on the basket and then switched my lens to Manual Focus, which basically made sure it stuck where I left it.

Shoot away!

THE BEST METHOD (using a remote shooting app)

1. Connect your WIFI capable DSLR to the app.

Connecting Your Nikon:

Connecting Your Canon:

2. Open the app. For this guide,  I'll be using the EOS Remote app for my Canon 6D. You can shoot remotely and view/download your RAW or JPG images to your phone through this application, which basically makes it one of my top favorite tools.

3. Take a photo (or get into live view) and make adjustments so your exposure is fairly spot on before you begin. You can make adjustments once you're in the frame, but it's easier to make large adjustments now. 

4. Step in front of the camera and click "Remote Shooting" on your app. You should see a blurry blob that is you on your phone! If you click "MF" you can adjust your focus until you can see yourself clearly.

5. Shoot away!

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